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The pages contained on this website describing:

1. The new philosophical movement called “A Thought” whose essence is not only true historical novum in New unitary logic.
2. The work of Silvia Montefoschi psychoanalytic-philosophical thought that are the foundation of this epistemology.
3. Of those, patients, students, psychoanalysts, including the historical figures of psychoanalysis, philosophy and religious thought that have worked over time to develop the “One Thought” and continues to embody knowingly “in the here and now” not as an abstraction simple intent desirable but as a reality and living in infinite becoming.
4. Documents currently available on the Web produced by this real movement that expresses albeit at different levels of stability this awareness that we call “One Thought” and to which we refer to the appropriate link.

The terminus of evolution “hardware”
About 2 million years ago in the region around Lake Victoria in present Kenya it from the beginning with the invention of the first working tool for the “process of humanization” one with the “work history” and the “process of socialization “which will also impact on the further evolution” hardware “of the human species.
But the further evolution of the human body takes place over the past 2 million years to stabilize at 100 thousand years ago when our closest ancestors started by the then South Africa to emigrate colonizing the entire planet, reaching from a few specimens ever in constant danger of extinction, the current population of six billion.
Since then the trend is real hardware is stuck having achieved the kind of material evolution, its terminus. The trend, however, did not stop for nothing since then but has continued and still continues with another mode: the evolution of consciousness and, more specifically the evolution of human consciousness that dialectical antinomy is more and more until Getting “beyond the dialectic dialogue” as well as the dialectic of the war is endless, despite the “synthesis” between.

The phenomenon of consciousness and the history of the evolution of consciousness

One with the research work to transform the existing, Silvia Montefoschi medical psychoanalyst regards the phenomenon of consciousness, its evolutionary history, the significance of this history and its possible future as well as consciousness itself.

Bereshit – בראשית

Adamo ed Eva e l'albero della vita e della conoscenza

Adam and Eve and the main protagonist of the story of the evolution of consciousness: the tree of life and knowledge or the verticality of being. Mythical representation of the “Original Sin” which in fact represents a concretistica interpretation appears to be the founding act of the birth of human consciousness.
The discovery of the incest taboo as universal law of evolution of consciousness.
The contribution by psychoanalysis and Silvia Montefoschi clarification of discourse on the phenomenon of consciousness concerns the discovery by the very psychoanalysis and highlighted its Silvia Montefoschi psychoanalysts and his collaborators in the universal law of the incest taboo in its double formulation is as inviolable as both crackable.
From consciousness to consciousness virtual simple.
Law which has been extended by Silvia Montefoschi and movement of the “One Thought” in the entire history of the universe as consciousness is not only the human consciousness but as his time had recognized the same Teilhard de Chardin specialist in the natural sciences (see “The thought of Teilhard de Chardin), the phenomenon of consciousness is already present in the first particle at the beginning of time so that this law is the law of momentum that has done: and the evolutionary history of consciousness and throughout evolutionary history of the University. In this sense, the writings of Silvia Montefoschi unfolds even more clearly how the phenomenon of consciousness is not just about human consciousness but comes already finished the phase of “virtual conscience” typical of the original collaboration between the particles, so unstable, of matter and antimatter that finally stabilizes with the second phase of the history of the evolution of consciousness he calls “simple consciousness.”
Opposites from consciousness to consciousness dialectic.
The steps that follow and that make the evolutionary history of the phenomenon of “consciousness” about the evolutionary transition from consciousness antinomian in its variants is extrovert, which gave rise to Western culture or to its introverted variant that has characterized the cultures of the East, finally to reach the consciousness dialectic.
Adamic consciousness and conscience purusa
Consciousness is always antinomian antinomian is manifested in how extrovert or introverted, and very introverted opposites in the consciousness that consciousness is also called purusha (India) is in the mode of consciousness entirely antinomian extrovert who also called Adamic consciousness (Egypt, Greece, Palestine ).
Consciousness Orphic, alchemical, and Johannine Christological
It will be a new consciousness relatively extrovert who also called Orphic consciousness (Egypt and Greece including Plato and Platonism) that will open this branch of evolution of consciousness can occur beyond the consciousness of an antinomian and that will bear fruit earlier in the evolving consciousness alchemical which anticipation of Christ consciousness and then we depart from this consciousness Johannine true culmination of the evolutionary history of the phenomenon of consciousness that will be the culmination of the logic that made the whole evolutionary history of the universe: the logic of separation being one in being, as women of God and awareness of being, as a male god. God then is nothing more than Thought One but still must grow to full self-consciousness as one and the new logical unit already achieved is precisely the logic of God
A bit ‘of John’s early history of consciousness: the Christ Consciousness
"Gesù allora, vedendo la Madre e li accanto a Lei il discepolo che Egli amava, disse alla Madre: "Donna, ecco il tuo figlio!". Poi disse al discepolo: "Ecco la tua Madre!". E da quel momento il discepolo L'accolse nella sua casa" (Gv 19,26-27).

The Cross: it is always the ancient tree of life and knowledge. Here nailed to the tree of knowledge, the object of his love ( “Fiat voluntas tua”) against his will ( “Eli Eli Lamma sabactani”), is the ultimate hero and his last words of farewell from the world have the will and legacy of Christ: the two foremost point of the evolutionary history of the feminine and masculine of God, Mary and John.

“Jesus saw his mother standing near her, and the disciple whom he loved, said to his mother:” Woman, behold your son. ” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold your Mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her to his house “

(John 19:26-27).

The woman we see at the foot of the cross is Miryam of Nazareth, the mother of Christ, the women of God, the cross itself to which man is crucified is the ancient tree of knowledge of the Garden of Eden as the paradise of the past that would should be similar to the Father, the tree of science as a forbidden fruit. This same tree is also the mother herself because man is the child of knowledge. But he is not one with the Father since the mother has not yet been fully recognized as “active subject” for this reason he is still torn dall’equivoco knowledge that sees irreconcilable love for the Father and love for the Mother . Christ therefore is the ultimate hero.

The man we see at the foot of the cross is the Apostle John, the heir to the project of messianic liberation of Israel that he embodied, the last men’s relay to the foundation of the “human realm. If Christ is the redeemer of humanity with science has attempted to usurp the place of the Father hierarchical fixing the law once and for all John is the Christ the Redeemer of this second attempt by a human specimen and therefore to be finished one with the infinite. The story narrated by the “Book”, the so-called “original sin” in fact should not be viewed in the sense concretistico but as a perilous moment in the history of the evolution of consciousness necessary. In this sense, Jesus repeats the gestures of Adam and Eve into original sin, making him a second, human rather like God but not in opposition to the old law, so the story is an elaboration Christic saving Oedipal dynamics even if not yet conclusive. In this way, people at the foot of the cross, John, is the redeemer of Christ, his resurrection from the dead in Christ acknowledged as the Father himself, which is why we can say that only God has truly embodied John and surprise us at all on charges of communities of primitive Christianity more guidance gnostic, the institutional church that was formed, to have restored the old and outdated monotheism that is outward concretistico typical of the old Judaism. No wonder then that the mystery of the Incarnation was for John the nub of his teaching and his example or as he preferred to express himself better: his testimony. John is already beyond the myth of the hero, a necessary step to achieving “coniunctio Finale”.

The Seven Churches of Asia Minor

Jesus replied: “If I want him to stay until I return, what is that to you?

(John XXI, 22, 23, 24)

Alla fine del secolo scorso si diede inizio ad alcune ricerche archeologiche condotte sulla base delle visioni della stigmatizzata monaca agostiniana Anna Katharina Emmerick (1774 - 1824). Queste infine hanno permesso il ritrovamento a circa 9 km a sud di Efeso della casa dove sarebbero vissuti e l'Apostolo Giovanni e la più famosa dei giovannei oltre che fondatrice dello stesso movimento cristico: la teologa Myriam di Nazareth madre del Rabbi Jeschua di Nazareth, soprannominata per questa maternità Teotokos e affidata dallo stesso Rabbi all'apostolo "che più amava".

ARCHEOLOGY and Parapsychology: joint research. At the end of last century began with some archeological research conducted on the basis of the visions of stigmatized Augustinian nun Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774 – 1824). This eventually led to the discovery about 9 miles south of Ephesus, the house where they would live and the Apostle John and the Johannine well as the more famous founder of that movement Christic: theology of Nazareth, mother of Rabbi Myriam Jeschua of Nazareth This maternity nicknamed for Theotokos and already assigned by the same Rabbi in Jerusalem the apostle “most loved”. This symbolic gesture that goes beyond a purely concretistica, because it is the will and the legacy of Christ, the Messiah and a descendant of King David, the liberator as foretold, and the mandate and mission of the apostle immortal: the care and the further emancipation of women of God.

From the Seven Churches of Asia Minor to Giovannisilva through psychoanalysis (Silvia Montefoschi)

I decided to start this page that goes to the top in red letters the name of Silvia Montefoschi rather precisely with a first section dedicated to “the seven churches of Asia Minor”: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.
And always in my thoughts turned to the Johannine finish this document devoted to big business, that is where accelerated, which would end the fragmentation of Being One of the many details, namely the history of the University.
This also take away from any possible interpretation that comes here this is just another cult of personality that is not there, neither John nor Silvia.
John is in fact the one with John, known to history as “the seven churches of Asia Minor,” is in fact coriflessione with them that has formed his own ontological thinking so that they are Johannine John himself.
So also psychoanalytic thought-ontological Silvia Montefoschi formed slowly coriflessione thanks to all those who participated with her in the years to approach more and more with John and the Johannine final meeting as a last coniunctio.
Silvia Montefoschi the same fact is merely a product of their work: the feminine of John that John himself has conceived in his mind and therefore could not incarnate in a concrete and real woman that John and Silvia are the two people what is the ‘one person.

All this talk just to say that neither can be considered the owner of the Last Thought as such Thought One last thought that occurs in nature as the only time necessary evolutionary process and individuals, as always and only to individuals and The university as a whole and not Tom, Dick or Harry.

As will be seen during the course of this work, and while many people are always different names are all equally Giovannisilva:


And besides, who’s who went to the aid of Silvio Montefoschi she lived in times of great hardship along the perilous journey identified thus preparing for the encounter with Jesus and John?

I was in the den dell’Orca that I wanted to eat, while the voice said that I would be saved in pronouncing the names of the seven churches which were also the seven stars of Ursa Major.

( “To be true – witness Montefoschi Silvia”, 1988, Part I “The Living” p.24)

What to say and then again in the author’s speech here at issue and to dispel any ambiguity yet to reach a proper understanding of these writings, if not repeat what has been played on the first page of the Opera Omnia of Silvia Montefoschi?

The actual author
the whole work
the love love love
who became finally
conscious of itself
which one person
in two
John of Zebedee
has been on Earth
early first millennium
Silvia Montefoschi
still present on Earth
the second millennium.

Be – Verb – Subject
[…] So the “Word”, which is the “Subject”, finally comes to say of himself, no longer declined in the ‘object’.
( “The cosmic principle or the incest taboo – History of the prehistory of the verb”, 1987, p.. 261, Silvia Montefoschi with the collaboration of the “developmental research laboratory ‘Silva Montefoschi'” of Genoa)
With these words, which conclude the last page of the work cited is closed, so to speak, the final sprint of the “One Thought” so he finally reaches the full awareness of himself in the evolutionary path of Silvia Montefoschi and those who were with her cooperated in this kind of alchemical Magnum Opus as a new discourse and in some respects, the new discourse unlistenable and unacceptable, given the resistance of the subject yet thoughtful individual that moves, acts and thinks even under the old logic of separation.

New discourse as a new reefs that had its modern beginnings with just Sigmund Freud and the movement he started, tended to do in an era of its scientistic and positivist science dream finally freeing also therapeutic purposes.
That final leg of that old road was begun in Milan in 1977 with groups of psychoanalytic work that the psychoanalyst, then still known as Jungian, and that they referred was expressed in that year with “The One el ‘ Other – Interdependence and intersubjectivity in psychoanalytic relationship.
With those words are so close, ten years later, witnessed by a path lined with written messages from the unconscious universal and accepted in the light of reflection on “Dialectics of the unconscious” (1980), “Beyond the incest taboo – Psychoanalysis and knowledge “(1984),” The system man – Catastrophe and Renewal “(1985),” Being in being “(1986) to” The conscience of man and the destiny of the universe “to prepare the synthetic speech more again and closing of “History of the prehistory of the Word” (1987).
Messages from a multitude of diverse individuals and as a chorus synchronistic converge into one coherent discourse and radical addition to indicating the need to overcome the constraint all’egoriferimento and all’antroporiferimento such prejudices of obsolete logic of separation is no longer current compared to “real progress” of evolution, which simultaneously announce the final revelation apocalypse and the advent of a new Christmas where people are born this time is the duality that we are all unique individuals “includes” being ourselves in our true essence of social meaning ” the Person of the report.
In the words that conclude “History of the prehistory of the Word” is an allusion so the end of prehistory that incorporates the speech made by earlier versions of the apocalypse as the end of the story.
So finally ends this history: the history of the University, the history of relations and ends with the final Revelation, greek word which translates as “Revelation” and indeed the revolution and its logic is simply a revelation but by the radical consequences for more structured system of knowledge beyond the multiple variants always based on the logic of separation as a common denominator of the multiple perspectives of thought that permeates this logic.
But let’s go step by step in this story by stating the events: the true events of the last great revolution and logic.

Silvia Montefoschi jungian psychoanalyst


Dictionary of the issues, schools of thought and literary characters and treated in the writings of Silvia Montefoschi and researchers expression of Thought One:

Italian version

Work in progress

Drawing the various levels of reflection highest ever achieved by the Single Subject during the evolution of Thought One.


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